QSL cards / Logs

PA1WES confirms every call by QSL card trough bureau(*). We would love to receive your QSL card trough bureau also.

LotW and eQSL are also being and will update after every call we put in our log. Our logfile is synced online with clublog, hrdlog, qrz and hamQTH.

If you didn’t receive a QSL card and would like one, please email us the request including the QSO details. After checking the log we will send the card.

Up until march 2018 the radiocall for our station was PD1WES. After march 2018 the call changed to our current call PA1WES. If you made contact with PD1WES and would like to receive the QSL card from this call, this is still possible as we do have the cards still in stock. Let us know by sending an email .

(*) Cards are send out by the log manager after checking online for radioclub/bureau membership or qsl-manager